70mai Lite Dash Cam - 1080P

The 70mai lite provides recorded accident evidence and helps with insurance claims.


With an integrated accelerometer, the 70mai dash cam lite can automatically start recording when a collision is detected.  Recordings triggered by the accelerometer are locked in an event file separated from normal recordings to avoid being overwritten.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR technology adjusts the exposure, enabling the camera to pick up greater detail both in darkness and bright sunlight, producing a more vibrant image in all lighting conditions.

130-Degree Wide-Angle Lens

The wide-angle lens allows a 130-degree angle to be recorded and enables drivers to record up to 4 lanes of traffic. 

LED Status Indicator

Green Light - Record Normal

Blue Light - First Start

Red Light - Incorrect Record (Install TF card)

The 70mai Dash Cam works with Sandisk Class 10 TF cards for video storage, sold separately.

1. What car models does 70MAI smart dash cam suit for?
As the 70MAi smart dash cam provides the electrostatic adhesive installation, it is suitable for 95 % car models
in the market. But some models of Volvo can't use the power normally due to the difference in the interface of the
original car cigarette lighter. Please buy it with caution.
2. What is the video spec?
70MAI smart dash cam supports recording videos of 1080P, i.e. the dimension of the video is 1920*1080 pixels.
Every second the dashcam records 30 frames, i.e. 30FPS.
3. What is the image sensor of the 70MAI?
The sensor used by 70MAI  is Sony IMX307.
4. Do I need to manually turn on and off the dashcam?
After the dashcam is connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle in the car, you do not need to manually turn iton or turn off it. When the car is started (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered on),  the dashcam automatically boots up. The dashcam will turn off automatically when the vehicle is turned off (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered off).
Some vehicle's cigarette lighter keeps being powered on even when the vehicle has been turned off,  In this situation, you need to manually turn off the dashcam. And the next time you start the vehicle,  you need to manually turn on the dashcam.
5. How to observe the running status of the dashcam?
Check the status indicator on the side of the dashcam. If the indicator is green, the dashcam is recording normally; if the indicator turns red, it means that the recording is abnormal.
6. What memory card does 70MAI support?
70MAI supports standard Micro SD card (TF card) with the capacity of  16GB to 64GB and speed at Class10  or above.
Make sure you use high-quality storage cards from a known brand. The actual writing speed and capacity of the low-quality storage cards may be lower than declared.
Video isn't normally saved to low-quality storage cards. We don't take any responsibility for such cases. 
7. Does 70MAI support firmware updates?
Yes, you can update the firmware of your 70MAI smart dashcam. Download the update package by the  70MAI App, and push it to the dashcam by Wi-Fi connecting.
Next time when the dashcam boots up, it starts to update automatically.
8. Don't know how to use the 70mai cam? 
Find the below link to learn more about how to use the cam: https://help.70mai.asia/723.html